The importance of choosing the right colour

Colour is a personal and distinct sensation that can inspire us directly. Often, we associate each single colour with our experiences and the context that surrounds us every day.

Ahead of a completely new decade, when we choose a colour, we always look for meaning, because it’s important to know how to interpret the trends of the moment through our own tastes.

The new trends for 2020 interpret interior spaces as real narratives. Featuring natural associations and contrasts, environments are increasingly defined by reinterpreted, lively and fascinating shades. The colours of the next interior design products will not stop challenging and surprising us.

Evocative of fresh and natural tones

This year, many interior projects have found inspiration in a very specific reference: nature in all its expressions, evoking a spontaneous atmosphere. Precisely through the use of green, floral patterns and flooring featuring sophisticated chromatic backgrounds, 2020 will propose this character again, but in an even more decisive and dynamic way.

With particular attention to new trends, environments acquire personality and a sense of completeness, especially through the strong interest in combining external and internal elements through improved colours.

The new decade seems to gaze towards the future but without neglecting the past: it aims to conserve the vintage spirit of the past few seasons through a new context of shades featuring fresh and natural tones.

The exclusive character of the new suggestions

In delicate and timeless elegance, we can find new inspirations that are marked above all by the presence of refined materials. By giving particular attention to the various combinations, the suggestions of the next season present bright and refined contrasts.

Inspired by marble and nature’s most precious tones, the surfaces stage the spaces and the objects that are their protagonists in the foreground. Intended as both a distinctive feature as well as a complement to other colours emerging within the room, the various wall covering products of 2020 feature both clear and opaque finishes, depending on the desired effect.

Creating associations in line with new trends, the latest suggestions are distinguished by the strong character that they dedicate to space, proving themselves to be perfect for evoking secondary materials and details such as metals, stone, marble, zinc, and wood.