2020’s colour palette is welcoming and varied, allowing it to be applied to various creative contexts.

From the triumph of the dark and defined nuances of last season, the new interior design trends offer bright and warm colours to promote lively sensations.

Sparkling, intense and contemporary tones are conveyed through colours such as Neo Mint, pastel green, and cantaloupe, the new late-summer orange.

Inspired by the call of nature, these unusual preferences are accompanied by shades such as Purist Blue, a delicate shade that matches the shades of previous years.

In an interior design project, as well as the mood that we want to convey, the choice of colour is tied up with the shape and organisation of the setting itself.

In cases where space is limited, warm shades on the background walls are perfect for bringing perception closer. To achieve the opposite effect, light and delicate tones should be chosen to make the smallest environments look bigger. Indeed, by reflecting more light, these latter shades have the function of visually enlarging limited interiors.

A contemporary touch for unusual and original ideas

Whether for an original presence in everyday life or in domestic interiors, the latest trends always lend themselves to new challenges.

In the past, style was understood in a classic and modern sense, but contemporary inspirations can combine several elements. This strong impulse is provided by the combination of singular gradations to materials, textures and objects with different suggestions, to conclude the search for natural and delicate effects.

The colours of the new trends thus describe the spaces that surround us in an even more personal and captivating way. The key to this originality lies in the ability to balance soft and bright shades, distinguishing one’s own style with unusual and original ideas.