Experience the Comfort and Efficiency of Heated Floors with Royal Ceramic

Heated flooring is an innovative and energy-efficient way to keep your home warm and comfortable. At Royal Ceramic, we offer electric radiant system. They can be installed under a variety of flooring materials such as tile, stone, and hardwood. Not only does heated flooring provide a warm and cozy feeling, but it also has many benefits.

Heated flooring is energy-efficient, as it heats the room from the ground up, which results in a more even distribution of heat. Additionally, it eliminates cold spots and drafts, and it’s a great option for people with allergies as it doesn’t circulate dust and allergens. Our team of experts can help you choose the best option and guide you through the installation process. Enjoy the comfort and warmth of heated flooring in your home today with Royal Ceramic.

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Why Warm Feet Floor Heating Cables?

  • Oxygen-free copper heating elements for longevity
  • High temperature fluoropolymer insulation resists long-term corrosion and provides flexibility at high temperature
  • Metal grounding jacket for safety
  • High temperature TPU outer jacket gives additional chemical and abrasion resistance



  • UDG-4999
  • Simple user interface and thoughtful installation design
  • Pre-programmed for quick set-up
  • Monitored energy consumption
  • Simple operation – no need for manual
  • Multi voltage: 120 – 240 V (incl. 208 V)
  • Output relay: 15 A
  • Large back-lit display for easy reading
  • Single thermostat for all applications (room, floor, room with floor limititation and as regulator)


  • UTN4-4999
  • Thermostat with integrated GFCI (updated to latest UL standard (2015))
  • Track power consumption
  • Embedded sensor for ambient temperature control
  • Floor sensor and floor protection
  • Temperature scale in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Real time clock (12-hour or 24-hour format)
  • Ability to control secondary relays
  • Sleek design – Patent pending
  • UTN4 with Class A GFCI and ATN4 with 15mA EGFPD

Pricing & Sizing

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