Brilliant and Warm Colors to Promote Lively Sensations

BRILLIANT AND WARM COLOURS TO PROMOTE LIVELY SENSATIONS 2020’s colour palette is welcoming and varied, allowing it to be applied to various creative contexts. From the triumph of the dark and defined nuances of last season, the new interior design trends offer bright and warm colours to promote lively sensations. Sparkling, intense and contemporary tones […]

Cement-Effect Porcelain Stoneware: Industrial Style in Interior Design

CEMENT-EFFECT PORCELAIN STONEWARE: INDUSTRIAL STYLE IN INTERIOR DESIGN At the end of the twentieth century there was a tendency in large cities like London, Berlin and New York, but also Milan, to convert disused factories and industrial spaces into lofts, residences and offices: the industrial style was born. Still in vogue today, the industrial style […]

Interior Colors: An Architect’s Guide to the Trends of 2020

BRILLIANT AND WARM COLOURS TO PROMOTE LIVELY SENSATIONS The importance of choosing the right colour Colour is a personal and distinct sensation that can inspire us directly. Often, we associate each single colour with our experiences and the context that surrounds us every day. Ahead of a completely new decade, when we choose a colour, […]

How Our Choices Can Improve the Environment

HOW OUR CHOICES CAN IMPROVE THE ENVIRONMENT | by Roberta Chionne Designing our living spaces with an awareness of the consequences of our choices is one of the most important things we can do to protect the environment. The planet does not have sufficient resources to enable us to continue to build with materials such […]

Ceramic Tiling Maintenance: Just Water and a Normal Household Cleaner

CERAMIC TILING MAINTENANCE: JUST WATER AND A NORMAL HOUSEHOLD CLEANER | by Alfredo Zappa Italian standard UNI 11493 establishes the requirements that ceramic tiling must meet to ensure that it can be cleaned easily and effectively through periodic maintenance operations. The type, intensity and frequency of these cleaning operations depends not only on the quantity […]

Ceramic Is a Hygienic, Odourless Material That Is Easy to Clean

CERAMIC IS A HYGIENIC, ODOURLESS MATERIAL THAT IS EASY TO CLEAN Zehrunisa, a dweller of the Annawadi slum in Mumbai and protagonist of the book “Behind The Beautiful Forevers” by Katherine Boo, glimpses an advert for Italian floor tiles with the slogan “Beautiful Forever” on a peeling wall near Mumbai airport. Zehrunisa, we read in […]